Studio & Classes

Open Studio Hours, Workshops & Classes are listed on our calendar.

Open Studio is an art space designed to share ideas, gather inspiration, experiment with materials & create at an informal & self-guided pace. Participants (age 15+) -- beginner to advanced -- work independently in a group environment that encourages energy & inspiration.  An artist is always available to answer questions & offer guidance.  

Adult Studio fee of $10/hour includes most materials.  Bring your own snacks & beverages.  Regular hours most Sundays & Wednesdays with additional hours by request. Wednesday nights are for adults only.  Please check the calendar for schedule changes and classes. 10-hour discount passes & gift certificates are available. (Studio can accept payment by cash or check only.)

Private lessons, group projects & parties for adults are also available.

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Tween Open Studio
Similar to our Adult Open Studio, but geared towards kids age 10+, Tween Open Studio allows tweens to create and work on projects at their own pace with assistance from a working artist.  Space is limited; sorry, no make-ups.  1 3/4 hours. $25/session includes most material.

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Classes can be scheduled for groups of 4 or more; smaller classes may be available during open studio hours with advance registration.

Mosaic Basics Workshop 1
- Basic Tools & Techniques - 1 Session

Using our tools, learn the basics of cutting, design, layout & adhesion while you create your own mosaic.  We provide the materials, including mirror and a board for your project.  2 1/2 hours.  (Grouting is covered in a different workshop for a separate fee.)

Mosaic Basics Workshop 2 - Grouting - 1 Session

Bring your ungrouted mosaic from our Mosaic Basics Workshop 1 or your own creation and learn the basics of grouting with us.  Workshop fee includes sanded grout in choice of 3 colors and hands-on instructions.  1 1/2 hours.

1-Step Mosaic Workshop - 1 Session

A quick & easy way to make a mosaic.  Mastic is your glue, and it fills in the spaces between your pieces like grout.  We provide you with a wood base and tile, mirror & recycled objects for your pieces.  At the end of the workshop, you take your mosaic home to let it finish drying.  Daytime workshop is fun for teens through adults.  Good for group & family projects, too. Evening workshops for adults only.  Perfect project for groups and families.  1 1/2 hours, $25/person.

1-Step Mosaic Flowerpots - 1 Session
Similar to our workshop above, but appropriate for flowerpots for use outdoors. 1 1/2 hours, $30/person.

Woodworking - Side by Side Bench - 1 Session
Build a comfortable bench for you, or two.  Sweet Mabel Studio invites you to enjoy the satisfaction of creating a simple yet very functional sitting bench, much like the benches outside of our store & in use within the studio.  This easy project is designed to use stock lumber or reclaimed wood from construction or renovations.  You'll learn some of the basic woodworking techniques that might start you on the road to creating even more interesting & fun projects.  Fee includes all materials. 2 hours.

Simple Sculptures in Clay - 1+ Session
Let us guide you through creating small sculptures from self-hardening clay.  Learn techniques for building birds and other forms, masks and faces, embellishing with found objects, and prolonging drying to allow you to work on your projects over many weeks.  Fee includes all materials.  1 1/2 hours/session.